Dexter Season FOUR 4 Recap Pt 2/2

The Trinity Killer is Dexter's next target but something about him intrigues Dexter Fan made. No copyright infringement intended. All clips/audio belong to their respective owners.

Dexter Season 4 was the most impactful and one of the best of all seasons if not the best.
If dex wasnt fooling around with trinity, rita would be alive.
i Am A girl
2:05 lol wow
ArcadeMachine15 (wescoolya)
Arthur was Quick, Smart and thought ahead of time, That was Dexter's only problem, Only if he would have killed him the first time he had the chance.
Oh my god, Trinity's the only person to stalemate Dexter, ever! How amazing.
Season 4 was insanely good. You did a great job covering all of it. I really love these recaps; very, very impressive! Subscribed.
Jesse Huang
@ReyCarpioFilms thanks, nice job, btw
@alapalolee "Tides" off the Dexter sountrack season 5 i think
Jesse Huang
@ReyCarpioFilms if you dont mind me asking, what is the song that starts at around 7:16 ?
HOLY SHIT, SHE'S DEAD!!! Oh, sorry about that, no spoiler as I wasn't precise, but DAMN!