Dexter Season 4 final scene Dexter gets Trinity

In the shocking finale, dexter finally gets his enemy

Erock Lledo
Poor rita... Can you imagine him forcing her to sit in the bath while he cuts her -- or her doing exactly what he says because she fears for her son -- and is probably wondering where Dexter is -- hoping he will come save her -- only to slowly lose consciousness waiting for a man who has an addiction of his own which is rooted much deeper than her ex's ... Man.. Hits me right in the feels when I ponder about these different things
James Shelnutt
man, Trinity REALLY let herself go after starring in The Matrix films.
Terrion Henderson
Dexter: "So whats the alternative Arthur? leave? disappear? Fake my own death and start over again" (Wow, that was a crazy foreshad)
"Fake my own death and start over again".... How foreshadowing.
Dexter: "I have a family too Arthur" Arthur thinking to himself: You don't say?
Brandon Bowman
one of the greatest seasons of any show ever
Holy shit this scene foreshadowed the ending
so that's what happened to Farquaad at the end of Shrek.
Mergawi Nabi
if only he knew that his wife was bleeding to death at that moment, we would've seen arthur suffer real bad
larry gerard
How can John lithgow not be a serial killer? He just fits that role lol
If Dexter had let Trinity kill himself Rita would still be alive.
Whats hurts the most to me in this scene is that he didnt know what he did to rita at the time and so he couldnt exact revenge ob someone he already killed. Also he couldnt his family peace either because everyone thought he got away and so if he knew he probably wouldve dropped his body in front of the police station for everyone to know that he is dead like what he did to Brian to make deb feel safe.
The Harlequin
Should have let the old bastard suffer a lot more. Serial killer or not, Dexter is one big softy.
Alex McNamara
this was recorded in 1896
the notorious
Is this why Barney never knew his father?
2:33 Arthur thinking of his latest kill...
Erock Lledo
"I accept that now.. You will have to do the same.." This whole scene is just amazing.. I'm surprised they never go back to it after rita's death is made known. 2:52
Anthony Halcon
Trinity did take pride in what he did remember when he visited the station and looked amazed as he was found the pictures to all of his victims
Love how he flips the hammer
Rick Grimes
Its already over.
Mooky Blaylock
People look at me weird when I walk up to them and tell them "It's already over...."
Hammering Hank
4 seasons later and Trennity was right.
Mark G
Arthur got the last laugh really...such a shocking ending.
Matt Hanf
'You think you are better than I am?' 'No,................but I want to be.' Go DEXTER!!!!!
Best quality Dexter villain. Bynie is still my favorite, though.
"God led you to me." "Hardly." Two simple (great) lines and wonderful acting can make all the difference in the world. Too bad the next showrunner apparently wasn't aware of it. However, the whole scene is greater than I remember.
Anthony Beam
You dream of a heaven you'll never see...... Its already over
Trinity and Oliver Saxon are the serial killers that beat Dexter in the long run (in my opinion) by killing 2 people that Dex was....fond of.
you are like a kid.. a kid with a knife..
zara 11
Most epic season finale
here’s what i think coulda happened after the brilliance of season u know how trinity was doing research on dexter after finding out who he rly was? maybe he learns of when dexter was found by harry and maybe that explains why harrison was sitting in a pool of blood, his mother’s dexter. or what if after trinity killed rita, he finds the bloodslides and maybe sends them to deb or hell, even the police department. either way, debra is on to dex the same way doakes was onto him in season 2. so maybe season 5 coulda been dexter slowly losing his ways before becoming more impulsive and actually becomes more and more like brian (the ice truck killer) and that the shit that trinity has done to him still affects him beyond the grave. so maybe season 5 coulda been the discovery of who dexter rly is and maybe either a season 6 or like the sopranos and breaking bad where the season is split up into two parts which coulda been the manhunt for dexter. the ending coulda been dexter being caught by debra before finally executing him. so basically, in the long run, trinity won. but alas...
Hugh James-Berry
02:27 that subtle eyebrow raise is devastating in hindsight
"It's already over, it's already over.." *Chills*
Paintball Videos
It's already over.
dennis ralph
Do uou there is a knife manufacturing co. Called Dexter! Dexter Russell. Good stuff.
Ant imations
John Lithgow is my favorite actor of all time.
He's right about Dexter being a child. If he would have killed Trinity flat out, Rita would still be alive.
Cedric Mercer
like the Frank Avelon music while Dexter butchers Trinity
This show was amazing. TBH, this was the best conversation they had because both of them know who the other is completely at this stage.
fidias familiarr
I was following on my path,it's already over💛
Daniel Ward
John ****ing lithgow! Made the season for me.
Aaron Gotte
Dexter: "ta da" lmao
He should've just let him fall.
Mr. J
you dream of a heaven you'll never see i dont believe in heaven. oh but you do... damn...
Mr Pablo The Series
Just when he thought he was out....they pulled him back in
Ainsley Lives oil
I don’t think it would’ve taken on hit to kill Arthur, it might have taken two or three, which means if that was true, Arthur would’ve suffered a little bit before death, but that’s what I think.
Worship Grego
Y'all drug this out so much it was ridiculous, omg i have never seen a season that was drug out so badly, pathetic
St. Haborym
I always liked the bit where he honors the dead man's last request to turn the toy train on the best about this scene. Show's that he's not heartless and needlessly cruel.
Charlie Dallachie
He actually went out quite honorable compared to other dexter deaths
Bryan B
The Shawshank answer to all tv series...
3:02 I am. Inevitable
Bryson Jones
This season of dexter is so hard to rewatch
Trinity had the best lines of all the villains, but ITK had the best story.
Jaylen *Straightoutda80s* Brown
I never understood why Trinity had to kill. What episode do they explain it in?
2:15 SPOILERS ! Holy shit that's the ending !
"This is God's plan. I accept that now. You'll have to do the same."" I accept nothing. Nothing is inevitable."Such a good line, involving God in a selfless murder
Neo couldn't save her, inevitability.
Άγγελος Καλαθάς
Watching this scene with the new identity foreshadowing actually makes the end of the show a lot more tolerable!
Ruben Monarrez
The song is called Venus by Frankie Avalon
How can he kill her hes dead before she is
Nick Cariglio
90th like!!!
Emre Cakar
turkler her yerde :-)
Wanted to see Aurthur vs Geller.
Janine Wittjohann
So Trinity says he never took pride in what he did but in the episode where he finds out Dexter's real name at the police station he looked like he was admiring the evidence
Roland Tubman
That time John F Kennedy killed Winston Churchill.
At least he went like a man. Didn’t beg
Ryan Hatton
I loved this season best Trinity was by far the best villain. The only thing this season was lacking was a bonding between the two of them where they could learn from each other while knowing each other's secrets. that would have made it perfect. But all in all John Lithgow nailed this role
Trinity pulled a Se7en on Dexter...right down to the (SPOILERS) murdering someone he cared about and being religious
"fake my own death and start over"
I Am Chedda
It's already over
aaron orchard
Hey it’s Barney Stinsons dad
Should have played Creedence.
Зигмунд Крюква
This is the best death scene of all the serial.
hello darkness
"Ta daaaaa" lmaoooo
Lewys Cousins
The thumbnail looked so much like Peter Davison was regenerating or something XD
Nick Cariglio
was this the series finale
Oscar Oyuela
If it wasn't for that damn rear mirror, Rita would be alive.
Trinity was fantastic.
But at what cost :( lovely Rita is dead :( :( :(
Abbagehl Shuckahosee
Turn it up!!
Muhammed Hasan
3:04 It's already over. Yeah, it was over. You already killed Rita.
Corporal Slip-TiT
U know arthur wasn’t too far from the truth
angela123 altintas
as it should be
I was just now reminded that Dexter's boat was named Slice of Life. Cute.
kibno 73
Now it's over
Ashuriah Dawood
What's the soundtrack
Kakyoin MILF Hunter
3:36 What the name of the song?
Smartatak Smartatak
actualy its very dificult to kill some one with just one hammer blow
Grant King
When he talked about faking his own death and starting anew, I couldn't help but feel like he was foreshadowing something when I originally watched this episode. Also, poor Rita
Definately one of the creepiest scenes i have ever watched, this is superb acting. And of course superb writing.
James Sm
I met trinity at the airport once. I helped him with his cell phone.
Funny enough, Dexter was a child probably when Trinity was in his 30's or so.
Mustafa26 26
Black Orfice
was in the baaaaks!
Unknown Forever
I wont rest until i find that background music
"slice of life" always gets me xD
Chim V
Barneys dad omg no he's a killer 😫
Great seasson
Joseph Lauren
This show should have been killed after Season 2
robby slade
whats the name of the song