In My Darkest Hour - Megadeth (original version)

06 from so far so good... so what! 1988 dave mustaine wrote the music (not the lyrics) to this song when he heard that cliff burton had died. beautiful song, one of my favorites. enjoy lyrics: In my hour of need No you were not there And though I reached out for you Wouldn't lend a hand Through the darkest hour Grace did not shine on me If feels so cold very cold No one cares for me Did you ever think I get lonely Did you ever think that I needed love Did you ever think to stop thinking You're the only one that I'm thinking of You'll never know how hard I tried To find my space and satisfy you too Things will be better When I'm dead and gone Don't try to understand, knowing you, I'm probably wrong But oh how I lived my life for you Still you'd turn away Now as I die for you My flesh still crawls as I breathe your name All these years I thought I was wrong Now I know it was you Raise your head raise your face your eyes Tell me who you think you are, who? I walk I walk alone into the promised land There's a better place for me But it's far far away Everlasting life for me In a perfect world But I gotta die first Please God send me on my way Time has a way of taking time Loneliness is not only felt by fools Alone I call to ease the pain Yearning to be held by you Alone so alone I'm lost Consumed by the pain The pain the pain the pain Won't you hold me again You just laughed ha ha bitch My whole life is work built on the past But the time has come when all things shall pass This good thing passed away In my darkest hour

Civic Line
Original version best version
"Time has a way of taking time" .... Indeed it does....
DimeBagsAxe x
I love the laughing guitar when he says "You just laughed" at 4:24
Thomas Kozak
The original recording are the best! If it ain't broke don't fix it DAVE!!!
Chief Ulrich
Am I the only one who likes this version more? The bass part especially.
That remastered version blah this one is soooooo good. Powerful and emotional
Sutton Coffman
Megadeth is absolutely amazing at everything... except remastering😂
This album is probably the most world-hating, devastating yet by Megadeth. The songs in this album are the most aggressive, reckless sounding compared to others. And this one is an example.
Boocher 147
Ahhhh the snare sounds so much better in this version! Sounds like shit on the remastered version.
I remember hearing this song the day I was going to commit harry carry, it spoke to me in a way that no other song had... My life didn't seem as bad as it was before.
I love this version over the "remastered" version... I think that version is $h!T in comparison.
Eddie The Head
Nice, I like the sound of this better, especially the drums, the snare has that loud reverb sound that a lot of albums in the 80s had, like Dokken's Tooth and Nail
ahhh the original.... new version is not a patch on this... even megadeth cant do a decent cover of a megadeth song hahahaha
Abdulmohsen Al-Kurdi Al-Milli
Like it better than the remastered version.There's something about the low quality production that makes the guitars sound raw,but I gotta admit the remastered one still has that clean intro.
“All these years I thought I was wrong, now I know it was you! Raise your head, raise your face, your eyes, tell me who you think you are!”
Terry R.
Love the originals! The remastered version has awful sounding drums.
Jared M
YES!!!!! I dont feel like digging through my cassettes to get this PROPER version. Could not stand the remasters. Sorry Dave.
The original Megadeth albums sound better than the remixed and remastered in my opinion. The only good remaster was Killing is my Business the one thing that ruins the album is the bleeped version of These Boots. I just don't understand why great albums are remastered and remixed then the dynamics are squashed with over compression and making the songs way too loud. We have the technology and skilled mastering engineers and mixing geniuses still alive to this day that could properly re-issue albums that sound amazing.
Ryan Mozert
Mustaine was THE shit. awesome original record!!
The only good thing about the remaster was the clean part in the intro.
Elite Trader
This version is the best version!
Robert James
In my darkest hour, I mistakenly remixed all of my band's great albums....The originals rule 👊
Ryan Thompson Guitarist
I really can't stand the drum sound on this version, but that guitar tone is to die for
Josh Houston
This song is dedicated to Cliff Burton. The song somewhat sounds like For Whom The Bell Tolls but the lyrics are about Mustaine's girlfriend.
Much better, don't like the new version....just too used to the original I guess.
Kota Kidd
I can relate to this song!
Classic perfection. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Throw the remaster in the trash...
This is the theme of my life.
Mr. Giraffe
All my buds hated this album when it came out. I loved it. First time I played it i was 17 , popped the cassette in(a cassette is a tape, for you digital kids), right after I bought it, cruising in my 1980 Trans Am, and I pulled over when I heard the sirens at the beginning. True story. We were so stoned. Good ole days. Now I'm pushing 50 still cranking it loving my Metal upbringing!!!!!
This is the greatest metal song of all time.
I like the added part in the beginning of the remastered version but the original is so much better
This song is a freakin masterpiece.
José Ángel Zamora
this song reminds me to my crush, and the moment she friendzoned me :'(
Hold on to them,they are becoming scarce
Why anyone (even Dave Mustaine) would want to ruin some of the best material Megadeth ever recorded is beyond me..All the originals are better..
this an ode to my so called family!
I have an original CD of this from 1988 and an original Rust in Peace from 1990. They sound so much better than remastered.
Demise Media
True!! One of my personal favs.
it's crazy how one song can change your life.
Demise Media
Around 5 years ago i was going through a very tough time. My mom just moved, i was living on my own at 18, had a girlfriend whom i wanted to have a kid with, working odd jobs here & there, skating and being a reckless young asshole!!! I was doing wild shit.. no parents or authority to tell me what i can and can't do.. but it seems this song made an impact on me. It broke me down every time and i've cried many times listening to it. I dedicate this song to my cousin Sid Brian Skibinski. Love you!
very personal song to me, i can relate to the lyrics alot
Jeff Rockwell
No it wasn't. This is exactly how the song appeared on the original album.
Was the acoustic intro not on the original? I'm accustomed to the remastered version
absolutely!! the original sounds better!!!
Oh yes! Thats the right sound! I prefer this from the remastered. Thanks for uploading :)
Donald Sanabria
Things will be better when the 14 who dislike this are dead and gone
this is the version I had on tape.
Tommy K
Thanks rock, back to jamming this! Appreciate it
Miguel Angel
trash metal foreveR \m/
produced by michael wagener, who also did master of puppets!!
Literally every megadeth song it’s just wow this is better then the remastered
Nosmo King
"Things will be better when I'm dead and gone"...."Please god, send me on my way"
Nate Lecarde
This quickly becoming my new favorite Megadeth song, it used to be Hanger 18 but this might just be better!
Mr Salas
The bass guitar is fucking awesome
Gabriel Dzwonowski
I think the only reason he remixed these records was cuz he doesn't like what he sounds like wasted when he's sober lol
Eric Henry
SOOOO much better than the remaster, like all the other ones.....
banji man98
Honestly megadeaths has me feeling a whole different way compared to metallica, i can feel these riffs, straight from the soul, its evil and good✊🔥.
kurtis davidson
other version metallicas for whom the bell tolls riff daves is better lol
2019 and still rocking to this masterpiece
The Hot Gates
Don't bother with the dry and dull remastered version of this song.
Mario Perez
Original#one. Ya'll know. Heavymetaleros 💪💪💪💪💪👊👊👊👊👊👑amor.
growing up I know MEGADEATH was always spelled like I wrote it
Giuseppe Montanaro
Dave, don't give up!
Megadeth slayer exodus kreator the ture big 4
Grant Mayberry
I don’t remember the original version having flanging on the vocals anywhere...
This version is so much better than the "remastered" one. I hate how he messed with the vocal layering and the sound of the guitars.
William Nuno
The bass makes it feel like Cliff Burton’s death inspired this song even more.
Thomas Kozak
Hey let there be rock 31/ please make in my darkest hour available on mobile, please, been using this og version to learn on bass/ got on today and it said computer only, if ya could that'd be awesome, Thanks
메가데스의 명곡~!!
Hmmm its been a while.
Thomas Kozak
Hey thanks for responding rock, that's unfortunate, is it copyright issues? I don't know much bout the workings of youtube but wtf they got aginst cell phones.Lol
Darren Paden
I know it's late.... but what he said \/
Mr Sniff
toughest heavy metal song ever
michael hangsleben
in 1990 you were not here,,,,,, so tell me how you know it all???????
so good. thank you
Jefferson Andres Araujo Mendoza
Jeff Young solo is really hard to play and hard to guess what notes he is picking...
The Trooper
My life in one song...
Why is the remastered cover the video thumbnail?
Brian Keller
Finally, the original...
mzj40 39
Awesome guitar player!!!
Jesus Christ
I'm about to be 37, and my late mom, and only friend who never betrayed my trust, used to listen to this album almost every morning on the way to daycare at 5am. After so many years a remaster just doesn't sound right. It's messed up that even people who've called themselves, "friends," for over 20 years now, will STILL take advantage of my friendship... That's southeast Louisiana for you. Blasting Megadeth while riding around town always brings a smile to my face though! Remember everyone, "There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." (Socrates)
Tony Dodd
Bloody rocks this does
Austen Guitar
Love the snap on the snare on the original
Nostalgia overload
Loss Orderly
chills chills chills... damn
michael hangsleben
NO, you weren't there,,,,, thanks
this song is about pizza
Side B of My War
1:41 Dave Mustaine's attitude in a nutshell
Aldo Nájera Flores
La versión remasterizada no se compara con esta :)
brad neville jr
Love this whole album
This is the song you make , when your guitarist can literaly play ANYTHING you write!!! MARTY THE BEST!!!!!
Mike Gradig
Metal gradig !!!
niskarsha subedi
RIP Cliff burton
Darkn Twisted
Anne-Marie Audette
D 1974
nada como la version original, que alivio gracias
I love the autotune of the voice of dave