2nd Season Studio Vlog 1

2nd Season Studio Vlog #1


Короче, ребята и девчонки, наш бессрочный отпуск подошел к концу! Да-да-да! И первым делом мы решили запилить...

2nd Season Studio Vlog #3


И вот долгожданная третья часть нашего видео блога! В ней вы узнаете какого мнения Максим о Бабаяне и наконе...



Dont Forget to Leave a Like!! ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ Check out my other projects below! ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ The Eavesdrop Podcast: ...

Portsmouth v Coventry City - fournilwrittenalloverit


Pompey came from 1 -0 down to lead 3- 1 and end up on a draw at 3-3. Coventry reduced to 9 men during the second half.

2nd Season Studio Vlog #2


Вторая часть нашего видео блога про запись нового EP! Дописаны барабаны и пишется бас. Мы все в сборе, к нам...

2nd Season Studio Vlog #4


Последняя часть нашего студийного видео блога! Дописаны инструменталы, пишем вокалы и сингалонги! Все уже...

In the Studio | Vlog #1


My first vlog , more to come in the future. Check out my instagram: @sand02020.

Studio Vlog 1 • Paint and Chat


Yay my first Studio Vlog ! I had lots of fun with this video and I'm so excited to do more, I hope it gave you a good insight into my ...

🌻 Studio Vlog 1. *English subtitles!* 🌻


I've done vlogs before but I figured it would be nice to also film some of my process and work environment. Thank you, as always, ...

Studio Session Series: Vlog #1 (SAS Atlanta)


What's good y'all, I hope you are doing well! Here's to the beginning of a studio session vlog series I hope to create displaying the ...

Felicity & Ink | Studio Vlog 1


Welcome, i'm so glad you stumbled across my new Youtube channel! I'm Joy-Louise, an illustrator, designer and owner of Felicity ...

studio vlog no. 1 | packing orders & bullet journaling


behind the scenes of running my online shop, packing orders, running errands, and working in my bullet journal~ I want to start ...

Jaxx & Vega - Tour VLOG 1 | Second Home Festival |


Here is our first Tour VLOG from the Second Home Festival in Germany! In this series we will give you exclusive Insight Views of ...

PURE Academy Vlog 1 - First Competition of Season 11


The PURE Competitive Company dancers traveled to Detroit, Michigan for their first competition of the season at Hollywood Vibe.

Studio Vlog 1 Jacquelindeleon


Hello Youtube!! Here's the first studio vlog documenting my preparation for a solo show! Sorry it's kinda boring! Bands I went to ...

Alan Walker: Unmasked Vlog (#2) - MY B-DAY BASH


Walkers! Check out the second episode of the Unmasked Vlog. This time you'll get a glimpse behind the scenes during the live ...

GMA Anniversary Party (feat. Kylie Padilla, Alden Richards etc.)


Holla sweeties!! After weeks of prep with my team, we can finally share my first vlog made just for you! Hope you enjoy this ...

VLOG 1 - Music Studio Tour - 09082017


VLOG 1 - Music Studio Tour www.Facebook.comJCurtisDrums I don't have access to the PC at the moment, which means no ...

Studio Vlog #1 With Homies (Ft. My Bestfriend)


SPAM THE LIKE BUTTON FOO! Hope you guys enjoyed! #CPGANG # StudioVlog FIRST PERSON IS @jasondorenbos SECOND  ...

Fixing the DISASTER - Server Room Vlog Pt. 1


Thanks to Intel and Telesign for sponsoring this video. Go to for step-by-step guides on adding a 2nd ...