The Beatles Argument

The Beatles Argument


Anger, frustration, forgiveness, revenge: communicated in 17 Beatles songs. Starring Tess Soltau and Ryan Melia Featuring The ...

"They broke up 'cause Yoko sat on an amp"


Paul McCartney talking about John and Yoko.

Paul McCartney on Who Broke Up the Beatles


Paul McCartney sets the record straight on the career-changing meeting that broke up the Beatles in an interview with Howard ...

John Lennon reveals 'torture' of Beatles' final album - interview coming up for auction (Part 2)


The most interesting pieces of the interview naturally center around the final months of the Beatles , as Lennon openly discusses ...

Beatles footage: Paul, George and Ringo - From the anthology series.


John Lennon. Paul McCartney. George Harrison. Ringo Starr. The Beatles !!! ***KINDLY Help support this channel so I can start ...

John lennon gets so angry!



La separación de The Beatles (contada por John Lennon y George Martin)


Un extracto de la película "Imagine" sobre los motivos de la separación de The Beatles , en voz de John Lennon y el productor ...



Featuring classics such as Thas Boy, Paul Forgot to Sing, and Your Face. Every song featured ...

John Lennon calls Paul McCartney a CUNT


John Lennon throws the C-word at his former bandmate.

Hip Hop Shopping Spree


How do you calculate the value of product placement in hip hop songs? With a 56 Million Dollar CDZA shopping spree, of course!

History of Misheard Lyrics


A couple of months ago we set off to create our most challenging "History" yet: a live-performed montage of favorite misheard ...

Epic Key Changes


A KEY CHANGE: The best weapon in making any song much more epic. Starring: Britney Coleman Arielle Jacobs Forest ...

History of Wooing Men


It all went downhill after 1996. Or uphill... depending on how you look at it. See the men's perspective in History of Wooing Women ...

History Of Lyrics That Aren't Lyrics


26 songs, 47 years. cdza. We create musical video experiments. New video every other Tuesday. Download the mp3 here: ...

Wooing Women in Public


Days become a bit more romantic once CDZA brings love to the streets of the city. Featuring Mike Kelton as our romantic crooner.

8 Milestones in Recorded Sound


From Edison to T-Pain: cdza co-founder Matt McCorkle goes over the ways in which recording methods have changed, as we ...

The Human Jukebox


Donations as votes. A fun and democratic way for street musicians to receive money. cdza. We create musical video experiments.

'Round the World in 18 Songs (Live at Google Zeitgeist '12)


CDZA had the honor of performing at Google Zeitgeist, the annual intellectual summit held in Arizona. A global medley for global ...

Musical Puns


Instruments and Artists come together in this harmonious sympunny.

George Harrison REALLY pissed at Paul McCartney for the R&R Hall of fame no show, & John's death :(


"It's just a nail in his own coffin for him as a person!" George Harrison on Sir Paul McCartney!! ***KINDLY Help support this ...

Fight between songs by John Lennon and Paul McCartney


A compilation of songs in which John Lennon wrote messages to Paul McCartney and vice versa, plus other songs that have ...

Rare footage of The Beatles in Studio


Here is some rare footage of The Beatles in the studio recording "Hey Jude"

John Lennon gets pissed off recording Oh Yoko YouTube.flv


John Lennon in the studio getting pissy with Phil "I got a gun" Spector.

John Lennon and Paul McCartney arguing back and forth in interviews!


Different selection of Lennon and McCartney interviews between 1967 and 1980. As one insults the other the cycle repeated itself ...

John Lennon gives his side of the story of telling Paul he was leaving The Beatles & Paul's response


John Lennon. Paul McCartney. George Harrison. Ringo Starr. The Beatles !!! Be sure to look through my John Lennon interview ...

Paul McCartney's reaction to George Harrisons Death.


Here's Paul McCartney's reaction to George Harrison's death. This was filmed at his estate in Sussex. The reporters were ...