Project Natal (X-Box 360)

E3 2009: Project Natal Xbox 360 Announcement


Get Kinect for Xbox 360 : Get Kinect for Xbox One: We bring you a look at Project  ...

E3 2009: Project Natal Milo demo


Get Kinect for Xbox 360 : Get Kinect for Xbox One: Peter Molyneaux gives us a look ...

IGN Originals: The Real Project Milo Demo for Xbox 360


Heard of Microsoft's new Project Natal camera for Xbox 360 ? This is real imagining of the Milo demo Microsoft wouldn't want you ...

Kinect : The dark age of Xbox


Back in 2009 when Xbox was at its best, Project Natal came out of nowhere, "the controller was a barrier". Kinect turned into a ...

Where is Project Milo?


We may have Final Fantasy 15 and The Last Guardian, but who cares when mankind's greatest achievement is still nowhere to be ...

MILO - PROJECT NATAL (Kinect) on Xbox 360 - Full Video


Full E3 2009 presentation of Microsoft's Project Natal . Peter Molyneaux of Lionhead Studios presents Milo , a virtual talking boy ...

Xbox 360 Kinect


Gaming experience like never before. The kinect sensor comes with revolutionary full-body tracking to put you in the center of the ...

Xbox 360: Kinect - E3 2010: All Up Montage | HD


Finally, the Brits will have their chance to play with Skittles. PRE-ORDER NOW! on Amazon: ...

Xbox 360 Kinect Vs. PlayStation Move


Xbox 360 Kinect Vs. PlayStation Move Subscribe The HD consoles have joined the world of motion-based ...

Kinect Sports: Soccer | Football Gameplay HD


Check Out This Awesome Music Video: SUBSCRIBE to Olumide: ...

Project Natal Xbox 360 E3 2009 announcement (Part 1 of 3)


Live footage from Microsoft's Media Briefing at E3 2009.

Project Natal For xBox 360 - The Natal Project


Project Natal For xBox 360 - The Natal Project Modern Warfare 2 Expansion and Project Natal - Confirmed 2010 The blockbuster ...

The Way Games Work - Kinect for Xbox 360


If Kinect were a farm animal, what kind would it be? But perhaps more importantly, how can Microsoft create a video game ...

Kinect for Xbox 360 - Kinect Family official video game system preview trailer HD


Kinect for Xbox 360 is the official name of Microsoft's new controller-free game device, formerly called Project Natal . The slim ...

Project Natal Xbox 360 Parody - Milo wants to KILL YOU!


Visit the Full Article and Video Analysis of the Trailer: Microsoft gives its Xbox Artificial ...

E3 2010 XBOX 360 Kinect VideoKinect - Video Chat


From E3 2010 in L.A., XBOX 360 Kinect (formerly Project Natal ); Kinect version of video chat named VideoKinect.

Project Milo (Milo & Kate) - All Gameplay Footage [Cancelled Kinect Game]


All the gameplay and behind the scenes motion capture videos from the unreleased Project Milo Milo and Kate for Xbox 360 ...

Project Natal (Kinect) - Milo is fake


A short video to ruin your hopes.

Xbox 360 Kinect Vs Playstation Move


See the full show! ➜ The E3 conferences for Sony & Microsoft are now over, ...

Microsoft's Project Natal for Xbox 360


The future of user-interaction for the Xbox - and beyond.

Xbox 360 - Kinect (Project Natal) - Milo stage demo


Milo : The Dimitri Project was the codename for a video game by Lionhead Studios that for many years had an unknown status, ...

Xbox 360 controller free Project Natal HD video game trailer


- Unveiled for the first time to the public was Project Natal , pronounced nuh-tall and a code name for a ...